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> Hi Liz
> *
> >> Is there something wrong with quantum indeterminacy?
> *
> Apart from the fact the MWI removes it? And that that is the point of MWI?
> And that probability questions in MWI are notoriously thorny?

OK, and since the comp teleporter thought experiment gives *exactly* the
same type of "first person indeterminacy" as the MWI, and for very similar
reasons, I can't see what the problem is with that, either -- except
perhaps what to call it -- "indeterminacy" is clearly not the right word.
(As I said, this seems to be an argument about terminology, and certainly
doesn't do anything to disprove comp.)

> This is why I resort to the Quantum Suicide experiment or better still to
> Quantum Russian Roulette. The experimenter is 1-p certain of his own
> survival, not unsure about it. Otherwise, he'ld never take part. And this
> certainty has nothing to do with the fact that in the other outcome he
> dies. It doesn't matter what happens in that branch. His certainty is
> consequent on the fact that all outcomes obtain and being a MWI believer he
> believes just that.

My thinking is that the QTI means he must survive in *both* branches (to be
exact, he has a non-zero probability of surviving in both). In a few
branches where the gun/bomb/whatever fires/explodes/whatever, he still
survives, though probably horribly injured/mutilated - something he will
have to live with for an indefinite future. Obviously the ratio of the
former to the latter is huge, probably astronomically huge, but there is
still a finite "chance" (or rather certainty) of ending up as the injured
party. So playing quantum roulette effectively means I am condemning some
of my future selves to a nasty fate.

(This is why I try to avoid playing Quantum Roulette...)

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