On 5 October 2013 00:40, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>> The argument is simply summarised thus: it is impossible even for God
>> to make a brain prosthesis that reproduces the I/O behaviour but has
>> different qualia. This is a proof of comp,
> Hmm... I can agree, but eventually no God can make such a prothesis, only
> because the qualia is an attribute of the "immaterial person", and not of
> the brain, body, or computer.  Then the prosthesis will manifest the person
> if it emulates the correct level.

But if the qualia are attributed to the substance of the physical
brain then where is the problem making a prosthesis that replicates
the behaviour but not the qualia? The problem is that it would allow
one to make a partial zombie, which I think is absurd. Therefore, the
qualia cannot be attributed to the substance of the physical brain.

> If not, even me, can do a brain prothesis that reproduce the consciousness
> of a sleeping dreaming person, ...
> OK, I guess you mean the full I/O behavior, but for this, I am not even sure
> that my actual current brain can be enough, ... if only because "I" from the
> first person point of view is distributed in infinities of computations, and
> I cannot exclude that the qualia (certainly stable lasting qualia) might
> rely on that.
>> provided that brain physics
>> is computable, or functionalism if brain physics is not computable.
>> Non-comp functionalism may entail, for example, that the replacement
>> brain contain a hypercomputer.
> OK.
> Bruno

Stathis Papaioannou

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