On 07 Oct 2013, at 18:23, John Clark wrote:

Pointless unless you think it is a virtue to quite literally know what you are talking about. Bruno keeps throwing around words like "I" and "you" and "he" and it is very clear that Bruno doesn't know what those words mean in a world with duplicating chambers.

Very clear?
Each time I gave you the definition, you mocked it with "pee pee", and two post later you come back with the idea that it is not clear, without ever quoting and cricticizing the definitions. I have introduced the key 1-person/3-person distinction, presented in a pure third person way, to address this issue, but you never commented it nor make any clearer.

Bruno says "he" has been duplicated, so now there are TWO,

In the third person sense. But the chance evaluation have been asked on the possible (accessible from Helsinki) first person experiences.

but then Bruno demands to know the ONE thing

Yes, because in the comp context, you can, in Helsinki, understand that, although your body-copy will be in two places, you can feel to be in only one place.

and only the ONE thing that "he" will do; and this is nonsense.

Not" will do". The question is which city will he observed. It can only be one city, unless you introduce some non-comp telepathy.

That is why it is "like" the throw of a coin, like you have already agreed, or like a quantum superposition, but for a different reason, and that is exploited in the next steps.

Nobody seems to understand your point, so try to make it more precise, and stop pretending it is "very clear", as nobody understand you. I am still waiting for Chris explanation, as he pretend to follow your point, but I see not the explanation coming.



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