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On 10/15/2013 3:54 AM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:
2013/10/15 Richard Ruquist <yann...@gmail.com>
Bruno: On the contrary: I assume only that my brain (or generalized brain) is computable, then I show that basically all the rest is not. In everything, or just in arithmetic, the computable is rare and exceptional.

Richard: Wow. This contradicts everything I have ever though Bruno was claiming. How does anything exist if it is not computed by "the" or "a" machine? And I thought the generalized brain did the computations, not that it was only computed. How does Bruno show that "all the rest" which presumably includes energy and matter is not computed. Bruno is constantly confusing me.

Energy and matter (and the universe whatever it is), is composed by the sum

What does "sum" mean?  And how does is constitute a piece of matter?

of the infinity of computations going through your state.... as it is defined by an infinity of computations (and not one), it is not "computed".

But that's not a definition. It's saying the piece of matter is *constituted* by an infinity of computations.

That is a misleading phrasing. The matter is not constituted of anything. It is an appearance coming from the FPI on all computations.

But what associates the computations to a piece of matter that we *define* ostensively?

The FPI.



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