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Also, in what way could uncertainty be anything other than subjective?

The uncertainty is objective (indeed provable) but it bears on set of alternative *subjective* experiences. It is an objective probability on subjective experiences, not to be confused with the (mathematical) notion of subjective probability (which is Bayesian probability). They are related, but are different notions.

To insist, I use "first person indeterminacy" instead of subjective indeterminacy, because there is a notion of subjective probability (Bayesian probability) which is not related with the objective indeterminacy *on* the subjective experiences possible in the self- duplication (comp) or self-superposition (Everett QM)

As many pointed out, self-duplication and self-superposition leads, in theoretical protocols, to equivalent phenomenological experiences.

Chris, you have not answered the question where you are duplicated into 2^(16180 * 10000) * (60 * 90) * 24.

I multiply you 24 times per second (24) during 1h30 (60 * 90), into as many copies can be sent in front of one of the 2^(16180 * 10000) possible images on a screen with 16180 * 10000 pixels, which can be black or white each.

Put in another way, I make you (from the 3p view) seen simultaneously all black and white "movies".

The question is what do you expect to live as an experience, that you will certainly have (as we assume comp).


You can also answer the corresponding following feasible (in near futures) experiences (assuming QM). I use a screen where the 2^(16180 * 10000) * (60 * 90) * 24 pixels are quantum devices measuring, in the {0>, 1>} base, the state of a photon prepared in the 0> + 1> state, and such that if the device measure 1> it makes the pixel white, and if it measures 0>, it makes the pixel black.

What do you expect to see if you were looking at such a screen?



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