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 >> A regular reactor produces lots of neutrons but a LFTR makes less of
>> them, so it needs all that U233 to keep the chain reaction going, if you
>> try stealing some the reactor will simply stop operating making the theft
>> obvious.
> > Agreed again – but again by the time it is realized it may be too late.
Why would it be too late? It seems to me that a reactor immediately
stopping and a city going dark would be a pretty effective burglar alarm,
it would grab people's attention that something was wrong much better than
just ringing a bell.

> > No one has shown me any fundamental reason why this very rapid rate of
> growth in the PV sector will slow in the near term.
I can think of one thing that could dramatically not just slow but reverse
the growth of photovoltaics, removing the tax incentives and subsidies. In
effect government has been lying to the free market about the true cost to
the economy of solar cells. Someday it may be different, I hope so, but
right now solar just can't compete against coal or oil or natural gas or
nuclear unless government distorts reality, but this deception cannot
continue indefinitely because as Richard Feynman said "reality must take
precedence over public relations for nature cannot be fooled".

  John K Clark

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