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    In forking MWI worlds, your ID is constantly changing as it depends on 
    quantum states.
    Your detailed nature is never duplicated. Every fork is a change from your
    previous state.
    If comp supports MWI, why should your ID ever stay the same
    since you are constantly forking with or without the doctor.

Yes, I wondered about that. However you look at it, digital consciousness involves constant state changes, at the substitution level and below. You end up with something like David Deutsch's snapshots or Fred Hoyle's pigeon holes, or someone, not sure who's "capsule" model of identity. It's all very Heraclitean!

Of course in a (gasp!) materialist model, there are no "snapshots". The computations that produce consciousness are distributed in space and time and one "thought" overlaps another.

That isn't obvious to me. Are you saying the brain manufactures 10^43 thoughts per second? Would we know if the brain only made ~30 thoughts per second?

No, I'm saying, roughly, the latter. And those thoughts have extension in both space and time (in the brain) as physically realized, so they can overlap. The overlapping times them together and provides an ordering, corresponding to the experience of consciousness and time.


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