On 12 December 2013 17:00, Richard Ruquist <yann...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Liz,
> In forking MWI worlds, your ID is constantly changing as it depends on
> various quantum states.
> Your detailed nature is never duplicated. Every fork is a change from your
> previous state.
> If comp supports MWI, why should your ID ever stay the same
> since you are constantly forking with or without the doctor.
> Rich
> Yes, I wondered about that. However you look at it, digital consciousness
involves constant state changes, at the substitution level and below. You
end up with something like David Deutsch's snapshots or Fred Hoyle's pigeon
holes, or someone, not sure who's "capsule" model of identity. It's all
very Heraclitean!

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