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Sure, the alignment is the actual source of all randomness, because what is happening is independent spaces are being aligned by common events, and there is no deterministic way to align separate independent spaces (in the absence of a common background reference space which does not exist), thus nature is forced to act probabilistically. This phenomena is the source of all randomness.

Ok, so your theory is inherently random. It doesn't have some hidden determinism. And it's not just the uncertainty of our predictions. It's really random, so some things happen and some don't. I have no problem with the possibility of fundamental randomness - but you'll find others on this list (like Bruno) that consider it as preposterous as you consider many-worlds. :-)

But I've pointed out that there is a somewhat arbitrary step in decoherence, the tracing over the environmental variables. This has to be done in a certain basis in order to get a diagonal density matrix for the system+instrument. Finding or justifying this basis is usually referred to as "the basis problem". It is hoped that the form of the interaction Hamiltonian between the system+instrument and the environment will define the right basis, e.g. if the interaction potential is a function of position then a coordinate position basis will be the one that diagonalizes the density matrix. But this hasn't really been worked out yet, and your theory would seem to have more difficulties in doing this because you don't want to assume spacial coordinates, but rather derive them.

Incidentally, if you haven't read it already, I highly recommend the review article by Maximilian Schlosshauer, arXiv:quant-ph/0312059v4, on decoherence theory.

There's also an interesting report of the opinions of physicists about interpretations of QM in 2011 comparing them to Max Tegmark's poll in 1997. arXiv:quant-ph/1301.1069v1

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