On 3 January 2014 10:32, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Liz,
> Jason seems to be making an honest intellectual effort to understand the
> theory, whereas you appear to be intent on criticizing it on the basis of
> your persistent misunderstandings of it.
> Jason deserves answers because he's seriously interested in understanding
> it.....

I'm seriously interested in understanding it too, I merely phrase my
responses facetiously because of your persistently patronising and
offensive tone. However you have again given a non-answer. You're hiding
behind comments on my motives, rather than answering my questions. It is
beginning to look as though you simply can't give answers to questions that
arise naturally from our best understanding of the universe.

Everyone deserves answers to serious questions, regardless of their
perceived motives or attitude, although to be honest most people on this
list have probably dismissed you by now. I just keep asking because I'm one
of the few people who is prepared to go the extra mile even for people who
appear to be crackpots*. My questions are, however, just as valid as
everyone else's, and can't be grounded in a misunderstanding of your
theory, because so far you haven't presented a coherent theory. If you have
any answers to my questions then you should come out with them, rather than
coming out with more of the "I'm so clever and you're all so stupid"
rhetoric. if you haven't got answers, just admit it.

So far unanswered...

* How does your theory work out what is happening at a given P-time in
different reference frames? What answer does it give for the specific case
Jason asked about?

* Your theory singles out a preferred frame. What are the observable
consequences? (hint: high energy cosmic rays may help probe this feature of

* Show us the maths.

*This doesn't include Bruno, by the way, because he never approached the
point of appearing to be a crackpot - which is to say he always gave
sensible answers, no matter what the apparent motivations of the questioner.

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