We'll let Jason judge whether I answered him or not.


On Thursday, January 2, 2014 4:14:02 PM UTC-5, Liz R wrote:
> On 3 January 2014 10:00, Edgar L. Owen < <javascript:>>wrote:
>> Liz,
>> I answered Jason directly. See that post.
> By not answering, yes.
>> There is no preferred CLOCK time frame. There is a shared common present 
>> moment they both share which is 'preferred' in that sense. Again you are 
>> confusing clock time and Present moment time. See my response to Jason for 
>> one more approach that might make it understandable.
> It is preferred in the sense that it defines an inertial frame. From what 
> you have said so far that frame is the Earth's rest frame (or let's say the 
> rest frame of the CMB, which seems more physically plausible - they are 
> fairly close from the point of view of relativistic travel). Saying that a 
> frame of reference is special - e.g. that it computes reality - should have 
> observable consequences, probably for dispersion in high energy cosmic 
> rays. Have you worked out what those are, so they can be tested 
> experimentally? So far your theory appears to be just words, and from the 
> response you've had so far, not very convincing ones. It needs a 
> mathematical underpinning, as I requested way back but haven't yet seen, 
> before it can really be called a theory.
> Or if you prefer to stick with just words, please try to show some reason, 
> any reason, for anyone to think that P-time actually exists and does some 
> useful work in explaining reality. Just saying it's "obvious", and "no one 
> understands you" isn't enough (well, not unless you're a teenager, at 
> least.)
> See everyone's responses to your posts, but especially Jason's, for any 
> number of approaches that might make this understandable.

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