On 3 January 2014 07:07, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

>>  You can find out more and find out exactly where is is but to do that
>> you're going to need to get your hands dirty and perform a experiment, then
>> the squared wave function collapses from everywhere to one specific dot on
>> a photographic plate. This is the measurement problem and the problem that
>> the MWI elegantly solves that most other quantum interpretations do not;
>> it's the only reason I think MWI is better than the competition.
> There are other reasons to prefer it besides it's answer to the
> measurement problem without magical observers, including:
> - Fewer assumptions
> - Explains more (appearance of collapse, and arguably also the Born rule
> (with Gleason's theorem))
> - Explains how quantum computers work
> - Fully mathematical theory (no fuzziness, or loose definitions)
> - No faster-than-light influences
> - Explains universe at times before there was conscious life to observe it
> - Preserves CPT symmetry, time reversibility, linearity
> - Is realist on things other than our observations (here is "something
> else" out there, besides what is in our minds)
> I would say the evidence for MWI isn't just strong, but overwhelming,
> given the evidence for QM is overwhelming and MWI is the only theory of QM
> consistent with other (overwhelmingly established theories such as special
> relativity).

I await Brent's response with interest.

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