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On 1/11/2014 8:12 PM, Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
RE: arXiv: 1401.1219v1 [quant-ph] 6 Jan 2014
Consciousness as a State of Matter
Max Tegmark, January 8, 2014

Hi Folk,
I confess that after 12 years of deep immersion in science's grapplings with 
consciousness, the blindspot I see operating is so obvious and so pervasive and 
so incredibly unseen it beggars belief. I know it's a long way from physics to 
neuroscience (discipline-wise). But surely in 2014 we can see it for what it 
is. Can't they (Tegmark and ilk)  see that the so-called "science of 
consciousness" is

*         the "the science of the scientific observer"

*         trying to explain observing with observations

*         trying to explain experience with experiences

*         trying to explain how scientists do science.

*         a science of scientific behaviour.

*         Descriptive and never explanatory.

The sciences do not try to explain, they hardly even try to  interpret, they 
mainly make models. By a model is meant a  mathematical construct which, with 
the addition of certain verbal  interpretations, describes observed phenomena. 
The justification of  such a mathematical construct is solely and precisely 
that it is  expected to work.
    ---John von Neumann

"This is what scientists do" (perfectly fine procedural/behaviour) but this 
becomes "This is all scientists can do" .... when? Says who? Von-freaking 

He has no clue that what he declares science to be is not a 'law of nature' and 
must fail to predict or explain _him_ and his ability to be ignorant of what 
the full nature of scientific behaviour entails or how he can observe anything 
at all. To think the von-neumann paragraph is all there is to science, is to 
fail to contact the real problem: the presupposition that von-Neumann's dictum 
is all there is to science/scientific behaviour. Un-argued. Un-documented. 
Untrained. Tacit presupposition learned by imitation.

Section 6.3 in my book nails von-neumann's blinkered view to the great wall of 
trophies dedicated to that view. His view was king in a simpler world: it all places except one. Now we attack that very 'one'....and we fail 
because of that very presupposition... and we cite bloody von-neumann at 
everyone so we continue to fail, thereby embedding failure at a cultural level.

This garbage has to stop. Time for change. 2014.

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