On 14 January 2014 01:44, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Terren,
> There is no "infinity of simulations". We are talking about actual reality
> rather than sci fi fantasy here, or at least we should be.

So you don't think there is any such thing as arithmetical realism. OK.

> Every biological organism has one and only one internal mental simulation
> of its external reality environment. This whole system, external world
> simulated by the minds of multiple biological observers, actually consists
> only of computational information flows in the presence and logical space
> of reality. Everything, including ourselves, is analogous to running,
> interacting software programs.
> The apparent physicality of reality in the minds of biological organisms
> is an evolutionary adaptation to make reality seem more meaningful and
> easier to function within. This physicality is not real, it's an internal
> mental illusion. I devote the entire Part IV of my book dissecting this
> illusion and explaining how it works.

All is maya, indeed.

> The book also explains in detail how once we identify and subtract
> everything mind adds to reality we arrive at what reality actually is, pure
> information computationally evolving in the logical space of reality I call
> ontological energy. When we peel back all the various layers of physicality
> that mind adds to external reality its remaining purely abstract
> information structure is clearly revealed.

Which sounds something like arithmetical realism, or some other version of
Platonism. It is important to lay out your theory formally which would
include your position on AR.

> We all live in a world that is actually almost entirely a construct of our
> mental simulations of an external information reality. Thus when we look
> out into the world we are mostly looking into the structures of our own
> minds. We live inside our minds under what I call the 'retinal sky'.

Nice phrase. Something like Śūnyatā. I believe Kant called it the
phenomenal world.

> Just as robots function within environments they simulate internally with
> computations, so do all biological organisms including ourselves. We do no
> 'see' the real actual world, we compute internal models of it and live
> within those.
> It is only these internal biological simulations that there is any
> evidence for. There is no evidence of any 'matrix' type simulations. That's
> just adolescent sci fi unless there is some actual evidence. Again I went
> through that sci fi phase back in the 1960's in a short story i wrote on
> the same theme titled "The Livies". Let's stick to evidence based reality
> rather than sci fi...
> Actually I'd call "the Matrix" SF rather that sci-fi, as I hope would most
science fiction purists. Sci-fi ("skiffy") is reserved for space opera.

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