On 1/13/2014 9:32 AM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

Don't tell me what's in my theory. There are NO infinity of logical realities being computed. There is no Platonia....

You seem to be referencing Bruno's comp. There is NO 'Platonia' in my theory.

There is enormous evidence and theoretical justification for Present moment P-time. It's the most fundamental obvious observation of our existence. Just pull your head out of your books and look around for goodness sakes. Are you alive? If so you are alive in the present moment...

You're also in the present place. So you're in the present event. But that doesn't entail that your local experience of the present extends to other people in other states of motion.

I'd say give up on the P-time idea or at least recognize it's what everybody else calls coordinate time. As far as I can see you don't need it. Your computations are local and take place in different local frames which only get compared and combined at events (same time SAME PLACE).

No two observers compute the same retinal sky. Everyone's simulation of reality is different.

But not so different that they can't agree on the same model for it - that's 

There is absolute certain evidence for "real, actual reality". Something has to be real because we exist, and what we exist in is reality.

You jumped from evidence for "I exist" to "We exist". I'd say we each start with a model of the world that is hardwired by evolution. Then we refine and elaborate it gain more predictive power. That includes modeling other people and their inner thoughts. That this works so well is the main evidence for there being a reality which is independent of one's thoughts. So one always thinks in terms of some model, but the success of the model points to there being some underlying "reality".

Whatever that is is the "real, actual reality". Anyone who doesn't think reality actually exists is brain dead....

That's just a tautology.  What exists? Reality.  What's reality? That which 

Maybe you're intending something like ostensive definition: One points and says "THIS". I think that's the first step up from the hardwired, animal world model. It gets us started on naming and categorizing and expanding our model. Then we invent mathematics and measure and operational definitions. But I share your distaste for realized infinities. Just because we can write "..." or say "and so on" doesn't mean it refers.


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