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> Now the self-deluded crank deigns to condescend!
> Could you call your movie/comic book "Reality"? And could it feature a man
> who goes around trying to convince the rest of the world that he has
> figured everything out, despite the fact that, upon investigation, it's
> actually just a bunch of nonsense wrapped in smug self-satisfaction? And
> could the main character (hmm, what shall we call him, let's call him
> nedgar) have only a tenuous grasp on reality himself, and yet also be so
> self-deceived himself that he finds it impossible to understand that his
> "obvious" observations have already been addressed by thinkers magnitudes
> more astute than himself. Make sure that the protagonist "nedgar" is so
> arrogant and possesses such a massive lacuna in his self-awareness that he
> mistakes others' compassionate attempts at correcting his mistakes are met
> with condescension and insult. It would definitely be a member of the
> comedy genre.

Maybe he could be played by Ewan McOdgar.

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