On 13 Jan 2014, at 18:32, Edgar L. Owen wrote:


Don't tell me what's in my theory. There are NO infinity of logical realities being computed. There is no Platonia....

You seem to be referencing Bruno's comp. There is NO 'Platonia' in my theory.

Comp needs only the arithmetical Platonia, that is, the idea that "17 is prime" independently of you, me, or the (physical) universe.

Without it, you can't even define what is a computation.

There is enormous evidence and theoretical justification for Present moment P-time. It's the most fundamental obvious observation of our existence.

Of course, if that is obvious ...

Just pull your head out of your books and look around for goodness sakes. Are you alive? If so you are alive in the present moment...

That is true for all conscious moments, at any time.

No two observers compute the same retinal sky. Everyone's simulation of reality is different.

There is absolute certain evidence for "real, actual reality".

You confuse your own consciousness with "reality".

Something has to be real because we exist,


and what we exist in is reality.

Perhaps, but that cannot be used to define or explain "reality". Or it becomes circular.

Whatever that is is the "real, actual reality". Anyone who doesn't think reality actually exists is brain dead....

Reality exists by definition. But this does not entail that we know what reality is.



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