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>>> Dear LizR,
>>>    What would happen is mathematics did not amazingly match up with the
>>> patterns of phenomena of the physical world? Think about it. We expect a
>>> model of a system to match that system as best possible, so what is magical
>>> about symbolic representational systems that obey rules?
>> The "magical thing" is that it isn't a model of the real world, but
>> nevertheless, models of the real world can be built using it.
> Umm, I was not complaining that math isn't a "model of the real world" -
> the one we can measure and communicate about, it is that we seem surprised
> that mathematical models created to explain some phenomena can almost
> always be extended beyond what is obvious in the data to make predictions
> of what we have not even looked at before. Dirac's prediction of positrons
> from the behavior of wave functions that obey SR come to mind.
>    Why are we surprised that Nature is not a chaotic mess and has patterns
> and so forth that can be represented with symbols and rules to manipulate
> them. We are surprised when we see strange patterns emerge in Game of Life
> cellular automata. Why? I don't get the "surprise". Maybe I am just weird...
> Or more likely you're sane, and the rest of us are weird. No, that's a
good point. (I found arithmetical realism weird to start with, but it's
growing on me.)

>>>    I somehow miss the amazement. Maybe because I have to actually study
>>> and understand the most arcane math ever imagined...
>>  I can see that would help.
>>> Try this!
>>> http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourse/FTFreeLearningKits/01-MA-Mathematics,%20Economics%20and%20Preparation%20for%20University/001-MA01-HI00-High%20School%20Mathematics,%20Preparation%20and%20Recreational%20Science/13%20-%20Recreational%20Science/D.E.Littlewood%20-%20The%20Skeleton%20Key%20of%20Mathematics%5BHarper,%20136p%5D.pdf
>>> I don't have time to read books very often. If you can give some
>> examples that illustrate your point, that would be helpful.
>  NO NO! I didn't mean: "Here read this!" I meant, "jeez, look at the title
> of this book, WTF is that!"  I have to study this and understand it.
> Homework.
>>  Oh, I see. (Phew!) I can sympathise...

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