On 17 January 2014 10:55, Stephen Paul King <stephe...@provensecure.com>wrote:

> Dear Jason,
>   Block time does not offer any explanation for the notion of a flow of
> time, even if such is an illusion. Something has to account for the
> asymmetry of the arrow of thermodynamics.

Something does! The Big Bang can do the job of generating negative entropy
in the form of bound states at various levels (atoms, stars etc), and
assuming no Big Crunch that gives a boundary condition at one end of time
but not at the other. In an utshell, the entropy gradient is how you get
from a hot dense big bang to a cold diffuse timelike infinity.

> My proposed solution is to assume that Becoming is a ontological property,
> not an illusion at all, pace Parminedies. We then can define time in terms
> of orderings and measure of that fundamental Becoming in a relatively local
> way.

This is a far too heavyweight solution, IMHO, especially when you consider
that the arrow of time emerges from statistics rather than fundamental

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