On 16 Jan 2014, at 17:49, Jason Resch wrote:

It cannot lie by definition!

What is your definition of lie?

You are using the very general definition: communicate the false. But that is not a lie in Stephen sense:
Consciously failing someone.

Your argument against zombie still go through ... assuming comp.

With AUDA it is still clearer. The machine have belief (the Bp), but they have also a first person knowledge (the Bp & p). To imagine them into zombie is made harder, as it becomes like a confusion between Bp & Bp & p. Of course G* proves that Bp and Bp & p denote the same machine, but G does not. This means that the "eliminativist error" is probably a confusion between Bp and Bp & p, like if Dennett confuses himself with its own "guardian angel". He looks at things from the 0-person point of view, forgetting that only God can do that ...



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