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On 3/5/2018 9:14 AM, Telmo Menezes wrote:
"Could" implies a question about possibilities.  It's certainly logically
possible that there not be such a disease as leukemia.  Is it nomologically
possible?...not as far as we know.
Well I'm not sure it's logically possible, for the reasons that Bruno
already addressed.

Bruno is assuming that everything not contrary to his theory exists axiomatically…


which is assuming the answer.


I recall that my assumption is only that the physical brain can be emulated at some level by a digital physical machine so that we would survive in the usual sense.

Then to just define “digital” we need to accept "very elementary arithmetic" (like RA), but then, it is just impossible to use an assumption of primary physicalness to select the computations in arithmetic. We need to select it by the measure on the first person experiences, and this gives the first coherent explanation of both consciousness and matter appearance, where physicists just do not address this question since a long time.

Not just "accept arithmetic", but also to suppose that all possible computations exist via a UD.


My work says nothing about physics, but it shows that with Digital Mechanism _in *Metaphysics_*, physicalism does not work.


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