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You're dodging my point.  The "issue" of how we have subjective experience only seems to be an issue because in comparison to the "objective" experience of matter where we can trace long, mathematically define causal chains down to...a Lagrangian and coupling constants or something similar, which is long enough and esoteric enough that almost everyone loses interest along the way.  But some people (like Vic) are going to say, "But where does the Langrangian and coupling constants come from?"  and "Why a Lagrangian anyway?" My point is that when we can give a similarly deep and detailed account of why you think of an elephant when reading this, then nobody will worry about "the hard problem of consciousness"; just like they don't worry about "the hard problems of matter" like where that Lagrangian comes from or why a complex Hilbert space.

Why can't I worry about those things? Where does the Lagrangian come from? And why use a complex Hilbert space? I don't think this is the underlying reason for saying that the "hard problem" of consciousness dissolves on solving the engineering problems. Solving the engineering problems will enable us to produce a fully conscious AI -- but will we then know how it works? We will certainly know where it came from.....


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