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> * > Every deterministic theory requires that the universe began in one and
> only one very specific initial condition.*

Incorrect, none of the others demand specificity, none of the others are
picky about initial conditions. No other cosmological theory needs the
universe to start out in one and only one very specific state for the idea
to work, nearly any state would do. Superdeterminism is unique, no other
deterministic theory, or theory of any sort,  requires that the universe
began in one and only one very very very specific initial condition, the
only one that supports their pet theory. If the many world's idea could be
ruled out in some other way nobody in their right mind would propose an
idea as ridiculous as superdeterminism. Nobody!

Nearly all initial conditions would have resulted in a universe that looked
pretty much like this one, but one hyper-rare one won't. There is one
chance in an astronomical^2 number (or more) it did not, and
superdeterministic fans insist that must be the very one it did start out
in because they're desperate to avoid many worlds. Well OK two can play at
that game, maybe despite all the evidence to the contrary, Fred Hoyle's
steady state cosmological theory is correct after all but the universe
started out in the one and only initial condition that would forever
mislead us into thinking it is not. Or maybe the geocentric theory is
correct and everything in the universe really does rotate around the earth.
If the initial conditions were just right dinosaur bones could have been
formed from non-biological geology less than 4000 years ago, so maybe dinosaurs
were never flesh and blood and  never lived more than 66 million years ago.
If you don't like a theory, any theory not just many worlds, all you have
to do is just ignore all the evidence that it's true and claim that the
initial conditions are causing us to be deceived. This way lies madness.

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