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_> Many worlds is not a local theory._

Many worlds can explain all known experimental results without
resorting to non-local influences because many worlds is not a
realistic theory.

In that case, if you believe that MWI is local, give me the local
account of Bell-type correlations of spin measurements at spacelike
separations. I will salute you if you can do this, because no one else

has ever managed in the past. Realism is completely beside the point.


It's trivial, as the dynamics is described by a Hamiltonian that only
contains local interactions. This mans that all non-local effects
arise via common cause effects. The creation of the entangled pair of
spins happens at some space-time point, so it's the result of local
interactions. The later when Alice and Bob each receive one of the two
spins, THEY GET CORRELATED with the spins they measure, because they
and their measurement gear consist of particles that evolve according
to the Schrodinger equation too and that evolution also only involves
local interactions.
You write "the get correlated", but breaking statistical independence
requires that the instrument settings be ALREADY CORRELATED with the
spins before they interact with the instruments and Alice and Bob.
That could be thru some common cause, but it seems unlikely when the
polarization settings are determined by photons from many light years
away on opposite hemispheres of the cosmos.  That implies a very long
chain of local interactions to the common cause.


In the MWI there is no issue with statistical independence. This is something Hossenfelder has invoked in her new theory about superderminism. In the MWI when you measure the state of a system that's not in an eigenstate of the observable, then you will end up in an entangled superposition with the measured system. That's the correlation I was talking about.


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