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 Couple of points you are choosing to believe whatever Feste tells you with no 
supporting evidence - I believe that Buck posted that the whole thing was THE 
topic of discussion the day of or the day after Hagelin sent out his 
"confidential" communique that was immediately put out all over the Movement by 
those very same Certified Governors to whom the letter was sent. If Buck is 
reporting accurately, then Feste is full of crap - who you gone believe?

 I think we are talking about two things here. I think Feste is saying (and 
Feste can correct me here) that no one he has spoken to in FF care about 
George's message from Maharishi from beyond the grave. I think Buck is speaking 
about something quite different. He is talking about the letter sent out to the 
Governors from Hagelin. I think the mere fact that Hagelin bothered to send a 
letter to a select group created interest when there may have been none if he 
hadn't sent the letter. I think the interest was more in the fact of the 
necessity in Hagelin's mind to send a letter than interest in what George has 
to say. But now, the more attention Hagelin and Jerry give to this "event" the 
more interest there will be in the whole thing. Great, it could be captivating 
entertainment - not only the messages themselves but, and even more so in my 
mind, all of the gyrations people are going through in advance of the actual 
lecture presentation. 

 The other point is happily I don't care what these folks do - what they do 
doesn't make me happy or unhappy wither way. Anyone who is interested in 
Movement history which I am, is interested in this - its indicative of the very 
sort of Movement shit that has been happening for decades, its a debacle like 
so much Movement stuff has been, like Robin Carlsen's schtick. 


 Here is where I am confused. What aspect of this is a "debacle"? The fact that 
Hagelin  and Jerry are saying two different things, or are they? What can 
anyone really say about this that would be based on anything but conjecture 
until the poor man (George) has a chance to speak his mind. I mean, I don't 
believe he is communicating with the deceased MMY but I am only guessing here. 
For all I know he plays bridge with him every night and watches reruns of The 
Odd Couple as well.

 People were interested then and they are interested now - the thing that makes 
it so curious is why straight arrow TM'er Jerry Jarvis is on board with what is 
obviously ridiculous - is he doing it just to get back at the people who 
superseded him in Marshy's affection? Or has he gone round the bend like so 
many long term TM'ers? We will see. 


 I never saw anything that Jerry said about this. Do you have a copy? Was it 
posted here somewhere?

 Feste doesn't like it because it is showing the Movement as it really is, just 
like the pundit riot and the naked greedy money grubbing of John Hagelin et al 
to solicit $100,000 of "donations" before they would tell the pundits to do 
yagya to "save" England from floods. Feste likes to rest cozy in an illusory 
memory of MIU and the Movement being something useful.


 In what way is this "showing the Movement as it really is"?  I am not actually 
debating you here, I am just unclear what it is you find so bad that the 
Movement is doing in this case.

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 and you are being blind Ann - Hagelin obviously felt it important enough to do 
a preemptive strike and warn TM'ers to stay away - when did you decide that 
Feste represents the majority of movement TM'ers?


 I don't consider Feste a representation of a majority of movement TM'ers. When 
did I say that? How would I know that? Is there a single person who is a 
"representative of a majority of TM'ers"? One mistake that you tend to make, 
MJ, is to plop all those who practice TM into a single slot. Every meditator on 
the planet is an individual whether you want to believe that or not. There are 
those who live in FF, they would tend to be a tad more on the TM wagon simply 
because FF is a place where many have returned after having lived there before 
or are drawn to it because they feel like they will have something in common 
with the small community. But that aside, I asked Feste what other meditators 
in FF felt about all of this; after all, he does live there. He answered that 
nobody he has spoken to gives a crap. So, what is it exactly that you are 
arguing here? Should TM endorse this George fellow or should they ignore them 
or should they censure him? What would make you happy? If they censure him you 
might say they are closed minded and fearful. If they do nothing you might say 
they are weak and won't take a stand. If they endorse him you might mock them 
for being so gullible and stupid. Explain it to me.





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