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 This video was done during a long series of interviews shortly before 
Maharishi died and shows a mentally very fit man.

M: If this was taken around the same time then it shows that he can still give 
his claims on parade rap on a par with other people his age. It shows that 
cognitively this activity is much less challenging. If you talk with old people 
they can tell you things imprinted many years ago in amazing detail. But give 
them a challenge like a question, and they fold like Maharishi did. Repeating 
shit they learned as a younger person is what old people DO. He is like an old 
shoe salesman giving his sales pitch AGAIN.

That is what made the interview revealing, It got behind the front of his 
controlled rap and put him under some stress. He folded. And that is 
significant in relation to his own claims of human development. 


 The origin of true genius - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 
 The origin of true genius - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu3oqlYO268 http://www.tm.org The origin of 
true genius - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 1. (Dr. Hagelin:) This from a health writer 
in New York. There is growing interest in the...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu3oqlYO268 
 Preview by Yahoo 


 Curtis is trying to distract attention from his own misery on the streets and 
general failures as an artist. His negativity though shines Bright. 

M: The tourettes troll routine does not help your case. It makes you look like 
your aging teacher, repeating the same shit over and over again. As far as YOU 
accusing ME of negativity...


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 I would say that both your reactive posting history here and Maharishi on that 
tape provide clear counter-evidence to you analogies on parade claims below.

"Balanced intellect" is a meaningless phrase you are parroting to sound 
profound. I think it works better in a dhoti surrounded by flowers.

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 Good morning - A couple of observations -- First, enlightened people only 
think when they want to, or need to. That endless loop of thoughts, running 
mental energy in a circle, so common in waking state, is just about absent in 
an enlightened state. Lots of people refer to a state of grace, accompanying 
enlightenment, and this is the most significant feature of that, far fewer 
thoughts; silence, moving. So, a lot less wear and tear on the mental 
machinery. The mind as a result, tends to stay sharp and fresh, ever bathed in 
a deep, soothing silence, the arrow always all the way back on the bow. Also, 
an enlightened state brings with it, a balanced intellect, so there are not the 
stressors present. that cause dementia; the mind is not continuously trying to 
be somewhere else. It remains balanced. So, I find it highly unlikely that 
anyone enlightened, would be a candidate for dementia (no matter how much that 
might feed the wish fulfillment of others). 
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 Pardon my common sense, but all of this spinning, based on a few moments of 
videotape, strikes me as unscientific in the extreme. A bit of mental midgetry, 
imo. Might as well be speculating on the motives of Kim Kardashian, for all any 
of us knew of Maharishi during his last days.

 I agree with you. Like I said, I have not watched a tape of MMY, other than 
that cherry picked few moments by the Australian interviewer and documentary 
maker, since my days at MIU so that would have been 35+ years ago. I know that 
I have been influenced by what others here described as his mental infirmities 
and I have read their accounts of their own subjective observations of later 
tapes but have not gone to actually see them myself. However, the question 
still stands for me: Does enlightenment preclude the possibility of mental 
decay or even senility and the onset of Alzheimers? Not having been around 
elderly enlightened people I have no idea.




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