---(discussion below - TM and other techniques).  Vaj, I've concluded
that you were never initiated into TM, otherwise, you wouldn't be so
misguided on the contrasts between TM and other techniques.  Please
set the record straight: were you or were you not intiated into TM 
"as taught by MMY".?  I know you are a disciple of Norbu Rinpoche, but
what technique does he have that equals TM, "Dance of the Vajra"?
  In my book, the main consideration is the POWER in the mantra; and
the use of the mantra is important, but secondary.  In regard to the
mantra's power, this question can't be resolved through logic; but
rather direct experience only.
 For example, I've been initiated into the Ramakrishna mantra by an
authorized Monk but there was little power in that mantra compared to
TM. In the Sant Mat tradition alone, I've been initated by
representatives of Kirpal Singh, Charan Singh, Thakur Singh, Darshan
Singh, and the Eckankar Guru Paul Twitchell.  Nope, no power in those
mantras!.  I've been initiated by Muktananda and Guru Maharaji.  Far
more power in the TM mantra!.  
 So what's your comparison test?  First, were you initiated by an
authorized rep of MMY, or not; and how did your experience of TM
compare with the mantras of other traditions?
 If you weren't initiated into TM ("as taught by MMY"), then you
aren't qualified to render an opinion; since the "taste test" isn't
possible without direct experience.
  And who the Hell is Dana?
 --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <vajranatha@> wrote:
> <snip>
> > And yet another comment from Dana:
> <snip>
> > This is not a unique quality of TM. It exists in all formal, Tantric
> > Hindu and Buddhist traditions. There is no aspect of TM practice
> > that is not common in these traditions (as I mentioned before, the 
> > only change I've seen is in how drifting from the mantra is 
> > interpreted. In TM, it's attributed to unstressing; in the mainline 
> > traditions it's attributed to lack of success.
> This last should instantly have set off alarm bells
> in your mind as to how well qualified Dana is to
> assert that TM is no different from what is taught
> in other traditions.
> > In both cases the instruction is the same - "return to
> > the mantra once you realize you're off of it."
> Pathetic.
> > The sooner that TMers face the fact that there is nothing
> > amazing or unusual about their practice (and time spent
> > exploring the mainline Hindu traditions points this up)
> He doesn't have a *clue*.
> > the sooner they'll understand why even after 35
> > years of regular meditation they still aren't
> > enlightened. There is no magic technique. Maharishi
> > was able to convince Westerners that there was
> > simply because young Westerners didn't know better.
> > TM is relaxing and relaxing is nice. All these years
> > of practice by Westerners proves that TM isn't the
> > magic pill we once thought it was. And if it was,
> > then Asians already practicing it would have been
> > enlightened long ago.
> When he says "Asians already practicing it," I take
> it he means some "mainline" technique that he believes
> is actually the same as TM, right?

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