Sorry, the "hellhole"comment was not meant to go to the list.

My mistake (yes,even I make them).

However, I standby my opinion.

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  But the FIV cats have not been given a "death sentence", they have been 
vaccinated for a much reduced risk of a catching FeLV.  They are weighing that 
risk against the risk of death on the streets or in a kill shelter.  If anyone 
believes that that risk is not justified they can say so in a much nicer way 
than calling the place a "hell hole" and attacking poor Sherry.   
  From my experience, I do believe that some rescues are too set on the idea 
that declaws are neccesary to attract adopters.  Our local rescue declaws every 
kitten it can before offering it for adoption.  When I told one of their 
volunteers that I was looking for a clawed companion for my  
  clawed one-year old, she looked horrified and actually said "What about the 
furniture?"  A politely worded letter to the director telling them that they 
lost out on an adoption can have more impact than jumping into impassioned 
rhetoric and telling them they're in "the dark ages". 




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