Hello everyone I haven't posted in a while ,but I have  been reading everyday 
so I can keep up with what is happening .  I  just have to say that when I 
was a child I had a neighbor who had a calico  girl who lived to be 30 years 
old. She was blind and deaf but till the day she  died everyday she would 
him out to check the mail box on the curb . She  was a celebrity around here 
and people would bring there children to see her.  Her owner died two weeks 
after she past. He was 86 years old. I believe he died  of a broken heart.
   I have to tell the new members (the older ones know my story)  that I had 
one boy felv+ who lived  18 yrs and one girl felv+ 17  years. I've been very 
lucky to have several live to there teens, But I've  also lost many young ones 
to this terrible illness. 
   Recently I took my 15 year old boy Dooley to a new  vet for some dental 
work . He had been diagnosed with felv when he was  3 years old. Well Dooley is 
now testing negative . Sometime over the years he  threw off the virus. I was 
shocked and so happy . I was afraid to tell anyone  until now I thought maybe 
something was wrong with the test.  So I asked  another vet friend of mine to 
test him again and was told he is negative.
   Never give up hope , enjoy everyday you have with your babies.  They may 
out live you.
Sheila in SC

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