you need to treat the anemia. yes the breathing could be related. I don't
have time to elaborate.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 8:03 AM, Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  Thank you Wendy.
> I will call my vet today about the Doxycycline and Hemobartanella.
> Here are the results of BooBoo's blood work.  This is a Canadian lab so I
> don't know if the values are the same as in the US.
> WBC    9.9        MCV    57                                   WBC FLAG
> EOS (8.9)
> RBC    3.95       MCH    20.0                                  % LYM
> 29.1        LYM    2.8
> HGB    7.9         MCHC  35.2                                 % MON    6.5
> MONO  .6
> HCT    22.4        RDW    17.5                                 % GRA
> 64.4        6.5
> PLT    81            MPV    11.0
> He wasn't doing very well last night, extremely fatigued.  I did hear him
> eating some crunchy food this morning, drink either the water or milk I put
> down for him last night.  I know you aren't supposed to give cats milk but
> I'm desparate here to get some fluids into him.  He did wake me up by
> jumping on the bed this morning and purring in my face.  My husband thought
> he felt really warm last night and actually I did too.  He's cool this
> momrning.  What I have noticed that kind of concerns me is that when he's
> sleeping his chest seems to rise unusually high with each breath, like he
> has to try extra hard to breath.  This could be the anemia right?  He does
> have a bit of a runny nose too.  Calling the vet today.  I did manage to get
> the previous owners to give me his birthday.  He will be 5 in July.  This
> makes me think that he got infected by a neighborhood cat when he was
> allowed to roam.  If that's the case, statistically he's on his last leg.  I
> was also wondering if he could be depressed.  As bad as his previous
> environment was, maybe he misses those people and his original home.  Could
> hormonal changes after his neutering be a reason for his lack of interest in
> anything?  He was just neutered last Friday.
> Gotta get moving here and go to work, although BooBoo is my real full time
> job these days.
> Lynne
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> *Sent:* Thursday, February 14, 2008 12:26 AM
> *Subject:* Re: CLS
> Hill's A/D is a good tasting recovery food loaded with vitamins
> and minerals... I buy it by the case for my guys... You probably
> have to buy it from your vet but it could help...
> In the archives or files for this group there are directions for liver
> shake which is about the same thing...
> Tad
> Marylyn wrote:
> Something that may have already been addressed:  Feed the absolute best
> you grains if possible.  Dixie eats organic and Primal Raw +
> finely chopped carrots, spinach etc.  One of my holistic vets recommends
> vitamin C.  There are lots of good supplements.  Dr. Susan Maier at the
> Horizon Vet Services in Simpsonville Ky does phone consultations and has had
> good luck with FELV+.  Dr. E A Boswell in Louisville Ky has also had good
> luck.  I see both of them and think the world of them.  They compliment and
> do not replace my regular vets.  If you decide you need
> phone consultations I'll get you phone numbers or you can Google them.
>  On Feb 13, 2008, at 9:14 PM, wendy wrote:
>   Hey Lynne,
> My name is Wendy.  I've been active on this site for over 2 years now,
> although not as active lately.  There are lots of good people here and it
> looks like you've been given some great advice.  I just wanted to say a few
> things that came to mind as I read the posts regarding Boo Boo, some of
> which might have already been touched on.  First, if you don't find a vet
> that will work to save Boo Boo, find one who will.  It means all the
> difference in you and Boo Boo being supported at this trying time.  Second,
> absolutely get the prescrip for doxycycline and treat for hemobartaenella
> regardless of the test.  It's extremely difficult to see the parasites on a
> slide; one minute they're there, the next they're not.  The treatment
> is three weeks minimum.  Third, prednisone (or prednisolone) is a
> good treatment for anemia.  Also, depending on how dire the anemia is,
> Epogen might also be good.  There is lots of information on both of these
> treatments in the archives.  Fourth, what is the anemia diagnosis?  Is it
> regenerative or non-regenerative anemia?  What is Boo Boo's HCT/RBC/PCV
> count exactly?  If you don't have a copy of his bloodwork, call the vet and
> get it so that you know exactly what you're dealing with.  You can post
> those numbers here and there will be people who know what they mean who can
> help you and Boo Boo.
> Please keep us posted on Boo Boo's progress and if you need anything at
> all, just ask!
> :)
> Wendy
> Dallas, TX
> "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can
> change the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~
> Margaret Meade ~~~
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> Subject: CLS
> I'm sorry for not being knowledgeable of this, but what is CLS and the
> bridge you folks refer to?
> I've been busy trying to find some ray of hope for my BooBoo.  I showed
> his blood work to the doc next door at work, who is a dog lover, not a cat
> but he interpreted it as being pretty bad.  He said he has no platelets.  He
> then got on the phone to a Vet friend who takes care of his dogs and gave
> him a brief history of Boo and his blood work.  The vet said there was
> nothing I could do about the situation and that most cats after being
> diagnosed lived for 2 years at a max.  I don't even know when BooBoo
> contracted the disease so who knows how long he has.  This vet though kept
> saying, it doesn't mean he's going to die, whatever the H that means.  I
> also have a pharmacist friend who is meeting with a vet friend of his in
> Detroit tomorrow and he too is running Boo's history by him to see if there
> is anything at all to help him.  Apparently Immuno Regulin is not available
> here in Canada so he's going to talk to this man about it tomorrow.  People
> have been very kind and honest but I just am finding this impossible to
> accept.  I can't wait to get home from work to see him and almost start
> bawling when I am with him.  I totally hate this.  I just hope he isn't
> feeling any pain.  He mostly sleeps but does purr a lot and seems to love
> having us around him.  I just don't know what else to do.
> Lynne
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