Hi Wendy

I just saw on your last post that you are in Dallas - I'm in Denton. I just
joined this group about a month ago after the loss of one of our babies to
FeLV and now we are dealing with it in our almost 7 month old female manx.
It's nice to know someone is near by - is there a particular vet that you
would recommend in the area (or possibly/hopefully closer to Denton) ?  The
vet we used has not been extremely helpful or informative, simply because I
don't think that they have seen many cases that have positive outcomes
(their first advice for a symptomatic cat was to PTS)
So far, she is asymptomatic - save for the occasional runny nose/eyes which
I'm thinking is allergy related because it generally gets worse the same
time MY allergies flare up.

Anyway -

best wishes

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