Since you are her guardian, obviously it's your choice as to what to do, but I 
know for me, I try to do what is best for the cat, and not make a decsion based 
on how it makes me feel.  But again, it's your decsion and we can only give 
Please tell me that you have separated Ash and Isobel?  On the chance that she 
isn't pregnant you really need to separate them until one of them is fixed.  
Also, if you do plan on letting her have the kittens if she is pregnant, I 
would start saving some money now, because you will need to get her kittens S/N 
before putting them out for adoption, also incase she has a difficult delivery 
and needs emergency care.  The rescue that I work with (I foster kittens when 
we come across them TNR'ing) does not adopt out intact kittens. Which 
unfortunatly is the only way to ensure that a cat will be S/N' d these days.
We're going to keep all paws crossed that Isobel is not pregnant, there is 
still that chance.

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I know it makes sense to spay abort, but I don't really know.  I don't
believe in abortion...and it would be a really tough thing for me to do.  I
really want to try and find them homes.  I just can't imagine killing
life...I know it sounds horrible especially with the overpopulation.

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