Hello again all-Just an update-  I took my other two in yesterday morning to be 
tested & vaccinated and picked Grrr up at the same time.  He seemed to be doing 
OK, and my vet was optimistic that the cortisol would help him be comfortable 
for a while.  I brought all three home, got the other two set up in their 30 
day kitty condo, and let Grrr out of his carrier.  He almost immediately began 
displaying some pretty disturbing neurological issues- his face was so tight & 
contorted that for a moment I wondered if they had given me the wrong cat.  I 
dragged him back out to the vet & they have been observing him for the last 24 
h.  Further tests offer no answers as to the origin of the rapid neurological 
changes.  He hasn't improved dramatically, but he seems comfortable & as cheery 
as he gets today, so I'm going to get him.  As long as he's comfortable and 
happy, we're certainly willing to modify his lifestyle to make things a little 
easier on him.  We're just thrilled that he is coming home!Amy
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