Hi Lorrie
This is probably a controversial opinion, but if they are indoor cats
I would not vaccinate them.
I read the book 'Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats' by C Diodoti a few
years ago (she is vaccine researcher) and I have become very cautious
and conservative about vaccinations. If you want to understand the
relationship between many veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies
and why overvaccination has become a major health problem, I would
recommend the book.
On Mar 30, 2009, at 5:11 PM, Lorrie wrote:

Oh wow, we're talking big bux here, as I have 14 permanent
cats at home :-(   I just wondered if anyone knew if the vaccine
would hurt my cats if they were positive, but asymptomatic.  I'll
ask my vet tomorrow, but I value the opinions of the people in
this group as much as any vet's opinion.  And besides the vet
stands to make a lot more money by testing each cat, so might
insist or the tests.


On 03-30, Sharyl wrote:

Lorrie, JMO but if they have never been vaccinated I'd have them
tested before getting the vaccine. Sharyl

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I have several cats who are 5+ years old, and all tested FelV
negative years ago when I adopted them.? However they are inside
- outside cats, and are also exposed to rescued cats I bring home
to be adopted out. These cats also tested neg.? but there is
always that window area where FelV may not show up yet or the
test may be inaccurate........

I want to have my home cats vaccinated for FelV just in case.
Please give me some info. on this...... Do I need to retest them
all first, or is it safe to give them the vaccine without testing
them. They all appear to be in excellent health, but if they
should be pos. would the vaccine hurt them??

Thanks for your help,


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