Hi Gloria,

I have been considering giving all my positives the vaccine, just on the
outside chance it might actually help.  I'll give the shots myself, so the
expense won't be that much.  Unfortunately, none of us has a large enough
sample to make for a real research project with statistically significant
results.  Also, I don't think I could withhold from some and give to others,
I would feel too guilty.

Many of us who care for FeLV cats give them various things to boost their
immune system, but because there has been no real research, we are mostly
just guessing.  Best Friends gives their FeLV cats .5ml of Immuno Regulin
sub-q every month.  I asked their vet why and you will never guess what he
said.  They do it because that was what was being done when he got there.  


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I'm one of the ones with old FELV cats.  I have two 12-13 yr old cats,  
that I got from someone else, in Oklahoma actually.  Her vet believed  
in vaccinating FELV cats with the FELV vaccine.  I just spoke with one  
of my vets about that, as I took in a new little FELV kitten.  This  
vet suggested there's no consensus about vaccinations, and there are a  
couple of schools of thought - one being yes vaccinate them, the other  
being no don't. As I recall, she suggested also that it's probably ok  
to do the vaccination, but a small no. of cats may have a reaction.  
Never heard of that.

Be interesting to research this topic.  But the 2 cats I have are the  
only ones I have, that have lived beyond 3-4 yrs old.


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