I'm one of the ones with old FELV cats. I have two 12-13 yr old cats, that I got from someone else, in Oklahoma actually. Her vet believed in vaccinating FELV cats with the FELV vaccine. I just spoke with one of my vets about that, as I took in a new little FELV kitten. This vet suggested there's no consensus about vaccinations, and there are a couple of schools of thought - one being yes vaccinate them, the other being no don't. As I recall, she suggested also that it's probably ok to do the vaccination, but a small no. of cats may have a reaction. Never heard of that.

Be interesting to research this topic. But the 2 cats I have are the only ones I have, that have lived beyond 3-4 yrs old.


On Mar 30, 2009, at 5:51 PM, gary wrote:

There is no problem with giving a FeLV positive cat the FeLV vaccine. Some would say it was just a waste of money (for the positive cat) but there are people on the FeLV lists that have given their positives cats the vaccine every year and some claim to have some very old cats with FeLV. I believe one had had a cat that lived to be 22. I don't think there is any hard
evidence as to whether it helps or not, but it won't hurt them.

I'm sure you will hear from others who do it.


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I have several cats who are 5+ years old, and all tested FelV
negative years ago when I adopted them.  However they are inside -
outside cats, and are also exposed to rescued cats I bring home
to be adopted out. These cats also tested neg.  but there is always
that window area where FelV may not show up yet or the test may be

I want to have my home cats vaccinated for FelV just in case. Please
give me some info. on this...... Do I need to retest them all first,
or is it safe to give them the vaccine without testing them. They all
appear to be in excellent health, but if they should be pos. would
the vaccine hurt them??

Thanks for your help,


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