Amy, I'm guessing you have only checked the serum calcium levels.  You need to 
check the ionized calcium levels to know if there is a problem.  If the iCa is 
high then you would want to look into the cause.  The iCa test is expensive but 
the only way I know of to verify if there is a problem.

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] EVO and high calcium levels
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> Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010, 8:33 PM
> Has anybody had a problem with high
> calcium levels after feeding EVO?  I changed my
> household to it over a year ago when Wolfie was losing
> weight.  At one of his last visits, his calcium tested
> just slightly elevated.  Now I've taken my FIV+ cat in
> and she is also testing high for calcium.  She seems
> perfectly healthy and my vet recommended we look at the diet
> before getting all freaked out by the high calcium. 
> EVO says it contains about 2.59% calcium.  My vet says
> this is about double what most of the foods she looked up
> contain.  The pet store told me that the grain free
> foods can contain more of stuff because the idea is that the
> pet will eat less of it than other foods.  I'm going to
> contact the company but just wondered if anybody else has
> experienced this with cats on EVO.  
> Amy
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