Hi Brenda,

I have a 7 month old kitten who is also 7 lbs.  We started her on interferon
right away as she is FeLV + in the bone marrow.  When she was about 4.5
months she got real sick and her red blood count was 13. At that time we
found out she was FeLV+. Our vet recommend interferon along with steroids.
It has been about 8 weeks since she got sick and she gone from 4.7 lbs to
7.2 lbs.:) She happy and playing like you would expect a kitten to play.
Got a call from her vet last night and her last round of blood work is
great. I don't know how long that will last, but I think the interferon is
helping for now.

My kitten goes to be large vet hospital here in MA.  The vet that handling
my kitten case has been intouch with other vet hopital about my kitten,
which make me feel good about the care my kitten is getting. The vet did
tell us that interferon will not cure FeLV, but that cats on interferon
do live longer than cats who are not on interferon.

I don't know if this helps, but I thought I would share.

Take care,

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> I introduced myself and my little FeLV girl Eden the other day. She'd had a
> couple of episodes of fever and anorexia last week. She was treated at my
> vet's office and was able to come home on Saturday. She's been doing pretty
> well but last night we noticed a big improvement in her. She was relaxing
> and cleaning herself rather then being curled up sleeping all the time. She
> looked so good and I was so happy to see her being pretty normal. I'm doing
> assisted feeding with her although she will eat small amounts of food on her
> own. And she is drinking pretty well too. The vet that treated Eden was not
> my regular vet as he was off last week but I had a chance to talk to him
> about Eden yesterday. He doesn't have much confidence in the current
> treatments for FeLV and said there are no studies that show that any of them
> offer any benefit. He said he's only had one person interested in doing
> interferon and it didn't do anything for their FeLV cat. He said he's
> willing to try it if I want to but I'm not sure if I should pursue it since
> Eden is now doing so well on her own. She is still on antibiotics. Her blood
> work showed low WBC and neutrophils but her red blood cells and hematocrit
> were normal so we know she's not anemic. We had an incident last night with
> one of our other cats that completely stressed Eden out and caused a bit of
> a set back. One of our other cats, who is completely crazy, just came out of
> nowhere and jumped Eden, knocking her over. Eden is a small cat, only 7 lbs,
> so it doesn't take much to knock her over. But she was not happy the rest of
> the evening and this morning seemed to wake up with a fever. But her
> attitude is still great, she ate for me this morning and as I left for work
> she was sitting in my husband's recliner just happily cleaning herself. She
> seems to have brief episodes of fever that seem to resolve on their own so I
> don't think I need to worry too much about those as long as she's still
> eating and drinking but I was curious if others see this in their FeLV cats
> too. It also seems that at least a few people have just automatically
> started treatment for their FeLV cats. Eden is young so we feel that she
> deserves every chance we can give her but I'm still on the fence about
> starting any treatment on her. Is there any general thoughts on when to
> start treatment or even if anyone should start treatments?
> Brenda
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