When people ask me why I rescue cats and help animals, and why I don't help
people instead (accusingly, of course), I tell them that the two are not
mutually exclusive and besides, there are plenty of people who help people.
My question to them is, "do you help people?",  which often catches them off
guard because they probably don't.

I'm so glad that I never came across a veterinarian like that, although I've
heard of some jerks like that around here..


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Had to send this again because it bounced back the first time.  I hate it
when it does that.


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Ha, ha - I love it!!!  You sound as pissed off as I was.  Believe me he is
on my shitlist too.  I was boiling about it for days.  Matter of fact I was
just telling my co-worker about him this morning and I got pissed off again
thinking about it.

I guess he just wanted me to take her home and watch her die.  I don't know.
He never did go as far as to say that exactly because I said I wanted him to
give her fluids and do a blood test and then e-mail this other vet so I
could get this experimental drug for dry form of FIP.  I didn't give him a
chance to send me away with nothing.  Course, at the time other than the
fever she was doing okay.  Although she was wobbly on her back legs she was
still eating and everything although she had lost some weight.  So she
wasn't in any pain.  But I think with a temperature of 104 he would have
wanted to do something about that anyway.  The thing is that like
toxoplasmosis shows the same symptoms as the dry form of FIP and if it was
that it could be treated with some antibiotics that aren't even that
expensive.  He's such a dumbass.  I didn't know that the symptoms were the
same until a couple days later and when I asked him about it he said he had
thought about it when he was looking at her.  So if he thought about it and
didn't suggest a test for it then he didn't care.  He figured with FeLV
she's going to die sooner or later so why spend money doing any kind of
tests or treatments on her.  I'm surprised he didn't suggest killing her.
BTW - it's not euthanization unless it's to end suffering so at that point
it would have been just killing her.

I like your answer about doing what you do for the animals.  I'm going to
steal it.  Most everybody just thanks me for helping the animals (I feed
ferals so I run into different people that see me doing it plus going to
adoptions, etc.) but every now and then I get someone who asks why I do it,
as though it's a bad thing or beneath me or something.  I'll use your answer
for those folks.  It's probably better than what I normally say to them, if
you know what I mean!



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What the hell is wrong with this vet, that he didn't even want to help a
little helpless suffering animal feel better? And he has the knowledge and
power to do just that!! I'm baffled. Not tooting my own horn by any means,
but when people ask me why I do what I do for animals, the only answer I
have for them is "because I can, and that obligates me".  I make no money of
course, but I spend plenty. I guess it all boils down to caring enough. That
vet would and is on my shitlist and I don't even know him.

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