I'm not going to start an argument over one study. 
Being in heat was very stressful on the one of the 1st FeLV cats I had. The 
spay was easy & she recovered quickly.
My cats have all been spayed. We've had cats live well into their 20's - all 
Cats who still have their ovaries, which are responsible for heat cycles, are 
much more likely to develop mammary cancer.
Cats (& dogs) can also develop an infection in their uterus (pyometra) from not 
being spayed..

There is just not enough evidence out there to make me even think about not 
getting my cats, FeLV or not,  spayed.

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If that's the case, then why do dogs who retain their ovaries live a third 
longer?    There's more to the overall story than just local 
stresses: http://www.gpmcf.org/respectovaries.html   American vet schools do 
not teach any sterilizations other than spay/neuter.

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 5:34 PM, Beth <create_me_...@yahoo.com> wrote:

My vet said being in heat is more stressful than the surgery. I would wait for 
the retest, though. If still positive have a full bloodwork panel done to make 
sure she is healthy, just as you would for a senior kitty.
>Hope all goes well.
>Maryam Ulomi <ava...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>We are looking at possibly spaying Kitty, our 5 months old FeLV rescued feral 
>>baby. She is currently on the lysine and living large in her own room, 
>>isolated from our other two cats, since she posted positive but we are 
>>retesting her at 6months, which should be in December.
>>Should we retest first and then spay?
>>Is there anything we should know/do to prepare ?
>>Any suggestions are welcome
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Go Get a Life---Go Get a Shelter Animal!

If you can't adopt, then foster "bottle baby" shelter animal, to save their 
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If you can't bottle feed, foster an older animal, to save their life, and to 
free up cage space.

Ask your local animal pound to start saving over 90% of their intake by 
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Here's the current growing list of true No Kill communities: 
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Legislate better animal pound conditions: http://www.rescue50.org

More fun reading: http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/shelter-reform/guides/

More fun watching: 
http://vimeo.com/nokill/videos especially http://vimeo.com/48445902

Local feral cat crisis?   See Alley Cat Allies' for how to 
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