I am so sorry Beth. I lost a 10 month old young male to FelV yesterday.
He was the third one of a litter of 4 FelV kittens I took in last June. 
I still have one, a dilute tortie, and so far she seems fine, but 
with this terrible disease we never know how long we'll have them.  

Thank you for loving this boy. They are all so precious and losing 
them never gets easier.....


On 04-16, Beth wrote:
>    I had an FeLV cat who belonged to a friend. He was her cat, but lived
>    at my house because I have FeLV cats. He has been battling Stomatitis
>    the last few months. She picked him up to take him to the vet yesterday
>    morning. During his exam they felt a mass in his tummy. They put him
>    under to explore further. He had cancer from his abdomen to his
>    esophagus. They never woke him back up. He looked & acted so healthy
>    except for the stomatits. He is very much missed. He was a silly,
>    sweet, mischievous boy. & I loved him for all of it!
>     Beth
>    Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter!

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