Hi, Not sure if you want the symptoms of my cat, Willie, or Napoleon's
symptoms since the subject line above is the same.

Anyway,  Two of my FelV kittens died from anemia. Willie had a URI
which the vet cured with Zithromax, but he never rallied back, and 
got thinner and weaker.  After two months of hoping he'd finally gain
weight and get better I took him back to the vet who felt a mass on
his right kidney.  Operating on a FelV positive, sick, weak kitten 
was not an option, so he was PTS.

I have had many FelV cats over the years and several died of tumors on
the spine, which resulted in them losing the use of their back legs. This 
retrovirus can cause any number of things that eventually kill our babies. 
Mostly it's been anemia however.


On 04-17, DeAnna Dockery wrote:
>    So sorry for the loss of your precious baby! Praying for your healing
>    heart! Of I may ask, what symptoms did he have

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