So sorry.  I know how it feels to loose a loved one human or animal.  I am 
hoping no more of my babies leave me soon.  

---- Beth <> wrote: 
> I had an FeLV cat who belonged to a friend. He was her cat, but lived at my 
> house because I have FeLV cats. He has been battlingStomatitis the last few 
> months. She picked him up to take him to the vet yesterday morning. During 
> his exam they felt a mass in his tummy. They put him under to explore 
> further. He had cancer from his abdomen to his esophagus. They never woke him 
> back up. He looked & acted so healthy except for the stomatits. He is very 
> much missed. He was a silly, sweet, mischievous boy. & I loved him for all of 
> it!

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