OK, here are the results
Score: https://app.box.com/s/n7pi05swx2hve4wk71znvg409geju45b
Parts: https://app.box.com/s/slp2py2olo3404gcpnlq9i30w3m4h0g9

I emphasize I did ZERO EDITING.  All I did was:

1) Open Dorico
2) Import your XML file
3) Print score
4) Print parts

That all took about i minute.  I chose to use Dorico's internal PDF creator which is really very nice and extremely fast.  But one shortcoming is that it creates a separate PDF for each part, so I also did

5) Opened PdfSAM Visual to merge all the parts into one file.  That took about 3 minutes -- longer than it took to create the parts in Dorico.

The layouts aren't perfect.  I'd certainly edit them a little.  But a key point is that in almost every case, the parts are usable without any editing if you are in a big rush to get something out for rehearsal.

On 1/28/2019 4:21 PM, Thomas Schaller wrote:
Hi Craig,
thanks for volunteering to do a little test.
Here is an orchestra job that has a bit of everything, yet not long. Not sure what will translate, maybe there is too much information in this XML file. Let me know if I should prepare it differently to get a better result (for test purposes). But I’m really anxious to see how little one needs to touch to get a good result.
Thanks again,
PS - I took out title and credits and copyright to be on the safe side.

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