Thanks, Geraldo.

I will keep that in mind.  My only concern is that if this is system tempo or tempo markings (i.e. text that will appear for all players), it has to be on the downbeat or else it will break up multi-measure rests.

On 1/30/2019 1:35 PM, Gerardo Delgado wrote:
  I can move the elements manually to relieve the stacking,
but the staffs remain spaced apart.  They don't adjust themselves after
I relieve the stacking.  So I may have to adjust some of the staff
spacing manually.

Hi Craig.

I am working in some projects with Dorico and in cases like that I move the
texts ("Trumpet solo" o "legato") in Write Mode in order to assign them to
other elements (for instance, a neighbour note or rest). It makes the
staves to respace automatically. Then, in Engraving Mode, I move the text
to the proper place. Generally, no further manual staff spacing is required.

Kind regards.

Gerardo Delgado
Musician, Music Editor, Conductor
Buenos Aires, Argentina

El mié., 30 ene. 2019 a las 3:01, Craig Parmerlee (<>)

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