The web standards comittee already squashed Adobe's attempt to get ecmascript 2 adopted as a browser standard - making actionscript and javascript compatible.

Adobe is never going to try and make Flash compete with javascript as a DOM manipulator.

Adobe is going to concentrate on markets where flash has an advantage.


On 18/09/2012 11:35, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
I personally think that if Flash wants to compete with the likes of HTML 5 and jQuery, it needs to step out of the plugin area. Make it an EMCA viable script language. Like Actionscript becoming Javascripts competitor. Make it so Actionscript can control and manipulate DOM.
Just sayin..


PS: I don't think the original topic was vectors anyway, so your good. :)

On Sep 18, 2012, at 5:26 AM, Cédric Muller wrote:

Karl DeSaulniers wrote :
Flash is not dead. It's hibernating.
..... With SOME of the fault in the way flash handles things.

Adobe was a little confusing on that one. It somehow proved it lacked of vision, and failed to capitalize the 'money grabbing' process that was needed for Mankind (sarcasm). And since then, it looks like Flash is living the Director's fate (and maybe the Director's Cut too ...). Flash is still very good, as a runtime. As are a lot of runtimes. What we observe is that browsers are runtimes, and that we can do many things with them that don't justify Flash use anymore (as it was always the case, take the usability gurus .. err darketers ). So all in all, Flash Player is still a strong runtime that lets developpers leverage some amazing things with it. Moreover, this AppStore storm got rid of a lot of bad Flash use (indirectly, a lot of bad applications with bad usability principles can be found on the iOS ecosystem from now on). Flash is now considered as a technology, and no more as a new paradigm (which is what the iOS AppStore is currently going through). 15 minutes of fame.


Sorry for the OT, as I don't really anything to add regarding vectors vs bitmaps ... though I 'plus' the view that it truly depends on the utilization: sometimes bitmaps are better, sometimes vectors are better: know your tech and make experiments in order to test in real situations. (Though I was amazingly amazed by the way Flash Player simply merges with Retina displays, for example. Vectors power!)
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