I have a couple of questions about AIR / mobile device dev:

1) Has anyone on this list shipped anything decent (by this I guess I mean 
commercially successful; gave +ve ROI on dev/sales costs) into the AppStore 
using AS3/AIR?
2) Has anyone got any practical advice for technology choices for an AS3 / Java 
shop looking to do mobile apps / games  (we have a framework using SmartFox 
server with AS3 client tech). 

Currently - we're looking to kick off a mobile dev track early next year, and 
expect to be using native tech, which is a pity for us as we have a really 
mature AS3 framework but I don't see any examples of flash being used to much 
commercial effect on mobile thus far...  

On 18 Sep 2012, at 14:22, Merrill, Jason wrote:

>> Make it an EMCA viable script language. Like Actionscript becoming 
>> Javascripts competitor. Make it so Actionscript can control and manipulate 
>> DOM.
Just sayin..

THAT would be AWESOME and make me VERY HAPPY.  

Jason Merrill
Instructional Technology Architect II
Bank of America  Global Learning 

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