The other problem is that in a GPU rendering pipeline, vector art is even more expensive (maybe a bit less so with D3D 11 and hardware tessellation, but so far that isn't common on mobile devices). The GPU really needs bitmaps. But a smart render path with vector caching could really get the best of both worlds (kind of a like a cacheAsBitmap that's a bit more upfront and easier to use). It'd use a bit more battery the first time the vectors are drawn, than just using bitmaps, but it may make up for it through lower cell data charges, and quicker downloads. You could also generate art that is exactly the size the screen and system can handle, instead of down sampling Bitmaps (or just squeezing it onto the wrong sized screen using GPU filtering - so many apps do that, and it looks horrible on many devices like the iPhone 3gs).

Kevin N.

9/17/2012 4:28 PM, Ross P. Sclafani wrote:
i think battery life is paramount to data consumption in mobile, and the bits 
saved by vector formats
have a very high cost in cpu cycles.

this is why AIR for iOS tends towards starling / spritesheet methodologies.

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