David Megginson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> I tried this
>   fgfs --aircraft=c172-3d --fdm=yasim
> and had an interesting experience -- I ended up sitting on the runway
> a meter or two to the right of the plane, rather than inside it.
Something is overwriting the xyz offsets in the c172-3d-set.xml or maybe it
isn't reading that file?  Those are defaults from somewhere...probably from

> Things got even more interesting when I started playing with the view
> position offsets, because everything was wrong: the x offset moved the
> viewpoint sideways (y-axis), the y offset moved the viewpoint up and
> down (z-axis), and the z offset moved the viewpoint backwards and
> forwards (x-axis).
That is intentional.  Before the pilot and chase were different than each
other (or seemed that way).  Prior to knowing anything about using plib or
Opengl, I always assumed as a user that x was across the screen,  y was up and
down and z was depth.  That is I think most intuitive to the xml user, and the
fact that it doesn't coincide what's going on in the viewer black box is not
important.  Anyway, it is in my change log entry, documented in the source,
and all my proposal stuff ;-)

> I cannot figure out why this is happening.  YASIM uses a different
> coordinate system internally, but there should be no direct dependency
> between the view offsets and the FDM -- YASIM simply reports the
> geodetic position (lon/lat/alt) and orientation (roll/pitch/heading)
> for the model itself, and the viewer positions the model
> appropriately.
There's no interface problem, only a settings file issue.



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