Jim Wilson writes:

 > It's already inconsistent.  The model is one way (as you expected) and the
 > panel xml is x across and y up/down.

Yes, I know.  One consideration, though, is that each panel is (soon)
going to be projected to any arbirtary location and orientation in the
aircraft, so you can think of it as being drawn from overhead and then
rotated around.

 > If I was the only one to have say in this I'd make the xyz in the
 > model files conform to the expected by the user axes (x across, y
 > up/down, z depth).  It is also what would be expected by anyone who
 > is unfamiliar with plib but has done other 3d programming or
 > modeling.  The FDM and other stuff I'd leave alone, but the panel,
 > model, and viewer that end users are most likely to mess around
 > with, I'd make consistent.

Fair enough, but it would drive the aero people crazy.

All the best,


David Megginson

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